Management of multi-residential properties

Investing in the real-estate sector will always be a sure way of growing one’s investment portfolio. In general, the more one invests, the more one earns. However, an investment in real-estate calls for more than a cash input. One must also be prepared to invest the time required to manage the assets and bear the ongoing burden of tenant-related responsibilities.

Are you prepared to invest this much time in managing your properties? We are!

If you are considering owning an income or multi-residential property, or if you already own rental properties, the worry-free approach to profiting from your investment returns is to have Gestion Quanta do all the work involved in properly managing your investment!

We have considerable experience in managing rental properties. In all property management areas— budgets, revenue, collections, rentals, staff and maintenance—our expertise enables us to keep everything under control. We also put considerable importance on a building’s intended use and image because the financial health of its owner depends on them.

Our list of services

Rental services

  • Rental procedures may be handled by a real estate broker, a rental agent or a janitor as the case may be. We can also help you choose the appropriate candidates.

Financial services

  • Our accounting system enables us to provide you with transparent and efficient bookkeeping.
  • We stay on top of rent collections and relentlessly pursue overdue amounts.
  • Our suppliers are important, so we promptly pay the bills in order to ensure we receive a dependable and honest service from them.
  • Financial statements are generated monthly and reconciled with the bank statements. Our bookkeeping service is experienced, reliable and meticulous.

Maintenance and staff management services

  • We have solid expertise in managing support, maintenance and janitorial staff. We ensure premises are diligently inspected so we are kept up to date on their condition and we take the follow-up action required for situations in need of it.
  • We arrange for the professional inspection of all equipment and systems.
  • We also work closely with the various experts needed to properly maintain or repair your mechanical, electrical and security systems.
  • We prepare, negotiate and award annual or seasonal contracts for the various trades, such as building maintenance, landscaping, snow removal and so forth.
  • We plan, supervise and, in some cases, conduct quality controls of the work done by contractors.

Legal services

  • In the course of our 20-plus years of experience in the residential rental market we have become thoroughly familiar with Québec’s rental laws.
  • If the situation calls for it, we have the expertise needed to assert your rights before the Régie du logement (Québec’s landlord and tenant Board) and the small claims courts.

Emergency services

  • Our emergency service enables your janitors or your tenants to contact us anytime should a serious and unforeseeable situation arise. Over the years we have established ties with contractors in every building trade capable of responding promptly to an emergency.
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